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Exclamation Did this tech ruin my AEG?

Hey guys this is kind of a unique situation and I didn't come up with a good answer when I searched for one.

I got a new G&G SRL to get started in the sport. Took it to my local reputable airsoft shop and asked them if I bought a spring there to lower my fps for CQB limits at my local indoor field (350max w/.20) if I could pay them to install it. I have three kids and work 60hrs a week and don't know what I'm doing, so yeah to all you "you should do it yourself" people, that's my situation.

Them "Oh yeah of course and while we're in the gearbox it's a great idea to do our tune up service we will shim the gears properly, check/adjust the seal etc" and rattled off a couple of other things.

Me - I am a total noob I don't know what FPS my new gun is even shooting as I haven't gamed it yet. I was told by the place I bought it at it would be at least 366 for import and that this particular gun normally chronos about 400fps brand new. All I want is a spring that will get it to shoot as close to but still under 350fps w/.20 bbs please. Yeah sure do the other things to if you recommend for X fee that sounds great.

Them - Ya we'll have this ready for pick up in two business days. One of the two senior techs will do the work either soandso or the owner soandso.

So after a total run around - two weeks later I get the call it's ready and drive an hour to pick it up. I find out the new guy I talked to when I dropped off who confided in me he just started working on AEG's, he did the work.

Me - Great thanks a lot, what's it chrono at BTW?

Tech - oh like 240.

Me - oh that's way less than we talked about what's up?

Tech - I don't know, it's weird I put an M100 in. I didn't chrono it before I changed the spring I meant to do that but... Do you want it or?...

Me - That's way lower than we talked about, is that normal? Can we chrono it again?

We chrono it again and it's shooting 230-233fps w/.20

Tech kept saying "I checked the seal" over and over again but couldn't give any satisfactory explanation as to how we lost (approx cause he didn't even chrono before hand - how would he know what spring to change to??) about 170fps.

The tech is a really nice guy and said I could bring it back and he could try some things but seriously what was he thinking, yeah 230fps that's cool right? With zero explanation? I have no idea what has been done to my new AEG but I'm new to the sport and the gear so maybe I'm over reacting and I have no reason to worry. If anyone is able to provide any insight I would really appreciate it! He is working with me - I'm going to take it and game with it this week and then he said I could bring it back and he can try and get the FPS up closer to 350 no extra charge, but I have seriously lost confidence in the shop and tech. I do not want to unnecessarily hurt the business owners reputation by running this past all the local players at my field.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Flame or lecture if you must, sorry in advance if I've wronged any of the rules with this post - I'm new to the sport.
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