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tm m4a1

These models were indeed brought into Canada as I worked directly with a man who imported them, 20 years ago, (approx)

I did also own the M4A1 and SR15(16) models at the time.

From what i know the Old skool Tm m4/m16 line up used twin Allen bolts to hold the Barrel into the locking nut/ barrel brace. This was a weak point and regularly came loose. Some blue locktite would solve this for a while providing the bolts weren't over-tightened and stripped out. in this circumstance a careful tap job and larger bolts were installed.

The early M4/16 guns also used the two-piece hop chamber. There is still an argument today about which is more effective.

Upgraded, metal feed tubes were available at the time and did perform very well with some mild or no doctoring, direct screw on replacement often anodized.

The one-piece hop unit was born and people owning TM guns would cut a notch for it to work in their lower receivers or they would swap the guts from a TM an install them into Classic Army bodies.

Word of caution: keep loctite well away from any of the plastic as it will soften it and nobody likes screws that vanish during tightening. irreparable damage will be done.

When the SR15(16) came along the issue was kind of solved by installing an additional two-piece bracket for additional structural support under the handguard and an upgraded, 1000 motor, up from the typical 700 (I believe)

This was a transitional time for TM because new manufacturers were becoming direct competition and jeopardizing sales. This was also the boom time for importation to the west and interest in airsoft was exploding globally. The TM clone war had begun.

Typically, in regards to TM aegs people would swap out the nylon bushings, sector gear(alloy), piston / head, nozzle and selector plate and do the (as it was known) 120 spring upgrade. Systema barrel upgrades were also popular.

This made the guns incredibly reliable and effective on the field.
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