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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
Talked with Harley some today, next time he has a few free hours he is going to do a test port over to XenForo and see how much of our old data it retains.

Couple things he and us admins will need to work on is making a list of current feature we would like to see kept if possible, so if you have some suggestions of features on our current page you like now and would not want to see lost let me know so we can add to the list for items he can test out.
Definitely get rid of the "ASCMART" since I don't think anyone uses that.


1. Forgot if Xenforo has post notifcations on your top right..

2. Mentions; so you can tag users and they will get a notification on their menu bar.. @bloodsport <y u rage>

3. Online status indicator on users avatar, lots of styles, example:


1. Auto Archive thread, clean up the forums

2. Sticky threads to be a different color: - color can be adjusted in the .CSS



2. Social Icons in the top right header in Xenforo, FB, Twitter, etc.. If needed

3. Social icons under user banners: Kind of like how we have now, but not limited to just Skype..


1. Spam prevention resource, xenforo has one built in, but isn't sufficient.

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