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All lists are now current and updated again thanks to some very diligent and hard work by our head Age Verifiers who stepped up to assist with checking in with their provinces verifiers monthly to ensure they are active and still looking to be on the lists.

Please note we are looking for some additional verifiers in a few regions, if you are in one of these areas please apply as directed in the forum rules and FAQs for review.

We have also recently added a few more admins to assist with the verification update process and since they were added most verifications once submitted are being processed within a few days now.

Hopefully this helps and reduces some of the drama from the system which is one of the largest in existence and has members not only from within Canada but other countries who have been verified in person to access our buy/sell and age restricted sections.

Props to both our volunteer staff force, as well as our membership who makes ASC what it is, a strong source of information/reviews, and hopefully will continue to be into the future.
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.
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