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hope this clears a few thing up

Real Sword are highly collectible now but also the die hard airsofters don't mind gaming them. The Druganov is the most sought after, the AK line and the Type 97/97B also very popular but the Type 97's have a smallish grip, the mag release is small and is easily depressed on gear while gaming so some switch them out for ambi releases from AR GBB's that seem to fit. magazine fitment on the Type 97's can be finicky but not so much with the AK lineup

The Type 97's also at times fire when inserting batteries but i can recall if this was because it interfered with the trigger bar

Gearboxes are excellent in RS and rarely need work

Whether you find a new one or a gamed one make sure you have plenty of pictures, look for rust, ask for a chrono test over ten shots for consistency

Tokyo Marui, although not as durable, you will hit whatever you aim at and sometimes the slow, methodical approach to winning a skirmish is better than a run up to the front and blast anything that moves approach and you will be impressed using a TM

TM's are also lighter, more manoeuvrable and have many many parts available from hundreds of manufacturers so they are a good option without a doubt

A stock TM will out perform many other stock AEG's GBBR's and GBB pistols out of the box and this is what makes TM products the top of the Airsoft food chain in many regards

Earlier stock TM aegs use nylon bushings, aluminum sector gears because they are built to comply with Japanese laws and designed to break if they are modified incorrectly

Properly modified TM AEG's will last a long time and the only risk at that point being structural strength because of the polymer construction

This has now changed with TM now making more metal AEG's and GBBR's

Their GBBR line are fantastic but pricey, many parts are available and extremely reliable and accurate go to guns providing you look after them well, keep them clean as you would a regular "need it to save your skin" weapon and the realism is what many players now want

GBLS (not mentioned earlier) is a Korean Line of enhanced, hybrid AEG that offers the best of both worlds. It merges AEG tech with mechanical and tactile feedback but are also the priciest of whats available currently. These are used by military and law enforcement with many enhanced features and modular capabilities which make it a leader in a class that currently has no other comparable competion

LCT motors are good, issues begin when you run 11.1 volt Lipos without mosfets. This creates a significant amount of heat and also rapidly chews up the motor brushes. The first thing to check would be the motor brushes and the condition of the commutator which the brushes contact.

Fine sanding of this commutator and new (slightly round-filed) brushes installed is the first step to trouble shooting a "bad" motor providing your also checking your trigger contacts, trigger switch, battery connections, fuse, shorts or wiring against the guns body and of course the condition of the battery itself

LCT are good, as I may have said earlier in another post the earlier LCT had some issues in consistency with machining tolerances and slight QC issues but this was very minor and their current products are excellent

In regards to motors and electrical this can apply to ALL aeg's not specifically LCT

E&L Gen 1, Meister ARMS, Specna Arms, Gen 2, PPS, typically have robust, durable builds but gearbox internals are not the best. Airseal issues are a common problem with them out of the box

Many people get into airsoft with the understanding that building a gun, rebuilding an airsoft mechbox, understanding the components and how they function together is part of the love/hate relationship that is Airsoft

You will weep, you will sweat, you will grind your teeth, you will bounce your head off the table and wail why why why but ONCE lol, once you learn and be patient and consult and study what it is you're doing you will create a gem that you've built or built with someone and it will be a tack driver on the field

And this is what makes Airsoft special to a lot of people

There is beauty in owning a fresh out the box item that sits in a box or hangs on a wall but there is also beauty in running with a gun that you know is going to function smoothly and pick off targets one by one while your watching your buddies six, ultimately winning the day with a weapon you never need to open again, your go to arsenal = no headaches, no stress and just reliable fun

CYMA, in my experience have been a QC roller coaster ride but my experience has been limited

Earlier CYMA were polymer and they were a formidable competitor against TM polymer guns, once they switched to "metal" they had issues with bodies cracking, screw threads easily stripping and more heavy than they seemed they should be and the gearboxes typically needed work regarding shimming, airseal upgrades, etc

A lot of people like their AK line because (I believe) some were made by VFC and the bodies were strong and well designed. This info can be researched and you will find the model numbers of these versions which people love and swear by

Worth mentioning are Echo 1, this is a US based company that really has some hidden gems. They tend to be polymer but they perform well for a budget priced
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