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Originally Posted by J-Man19 View Post
Illusion you are correct except about bumping before my 1 week wait. I was 1 day overdue on bumping and should have been able to bump.

I'll try again after my next bump due date to make sure I am indeed past the 7 day time limit.
Are you absolutely POSITIVE that you were in to your 8th day since your last post?

You might be surprised at how many people are actually able to work out a FULL 7 days from their last post.

ie, if you made your last post at 10:51am on April 23rd, you CANNOT make another post until a full 8 days after that.

That means, that you CANNOT make a bump at 4:22am, 6:43am, 8:18am, or even 10:50am.

Until 10:51am hits, it's NOT a full 7 days passed and you are in to the 8th day.

And... looking at your sales thread, that's exactly what happened. You were 10 hours too early, my friend. There is nothing wrong with the system, it's working exactly as designed. Case closed.

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