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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
It's called volunteering not conscription... You get to choose which organization you want to volunteer for. So sure you can call it not picking but at the end of the day I don't get paid and I'm volunteering my time. And because it is my time I get to choose autonomously where to spend it.

Over the years I've noticed a lot of hostility to new forum members... Keeping them away, getting upset over asking stupid questions.

There's even a sticky in the newbie tank that you've essentially crucified to send a message to others about how not to ask questions. What kind of impression does that give to new users?

In the AV faq section you basically went 0 to 100 and flamed a Non-av member for stating facts. Sure he was too lazy but there's a WAY and time and place to say that he was lazy.

And, as always, your kind comments are welcome. Thanks for letting me know as well as the community that criticism is not welcome.
There is criticism, then there is yours. There is many people working behind the scenes upgrading and fixing things all volunteers, they are volunteering, did you happen to notice how large ASC actually is? How much traffic it sees? Probably not since your so busy nitpicking what other volunteers are already working on fixing, while not offering support other then shit posting. That is not how to help fix, if you want to see the radical changes, then like I said feel free to help out by doing edits and sending them in for review and upgrades.
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