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Originally Posted by BenG View Post
that price of 680 is on top of the price of a gen 2 tube.... which is about 1400 ish, so you looking at just over 2000$ for the gen 3 GA1

here are your specs:

XR5 SNR is 28 limiting resolution is 72 gain 30 000-55 000 sensitivity is 800

XD4 SNR 24 lim res is 64 gain is 30 000-40 000 sensitivity 700

supergen SNR 22 lim res is 64 gain 25 000-35 000 sens is 700

im fairly confident GSCI is potting com grade tubes as there gen 2: these are the specs: SNR 19 lim res is 58 gain is 25 000 sens is 550

i own a GSCI gs-14 if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM, I would highly reqomend just tossing the cash for a used 14, its what ill be doing this summer, that said, the gs-14 is a great budget intro to NV... its deffinantly useable, I could even sell you mine possibly, and I know a guy that can get GSCI tubes if you want to buy a new one
I've already thrown out the cash for a housing thats on its way currently so I'm fairly set on tracking down a tube to put in said housing and building my own unit. If you could get me in contact with the guy who can get GSCI tubes that would be great. I dont mind paying a bit extra for a decent tube as long as I can get it before june.
My goal is to have nods for Battlefield 14 haha.
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