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that price of 680 is on top of the price of a gen 2 tube.... which is about 1400 ish, so you looking at just over 2000$ for the gen 3 GA1

here are your specs:

XR5 SNR is 28 limiting resolution is 72 gain 30 000-55 000 sensitivity is 800

XD4 SNR 24 lim res is 64 gain is 30 000-40 000 sensitivity 700

supergen SNR 22 lim res is 64 gain 25 000-35 000 sens is 700

im fairly confident GSCI is potting com grade tubes as there gen 2: these are the specs: SNR 19 lim res is 58 gain is 25 000 sens is 550

i own a GSCI gs-14 if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM, I would highly reqomend just tossing the cash for a used 14, its what ill be doing this summer, that said, the gs-14 is a great budget intro to NV... its deffinantly useable, I could even sell you mine possibly, and I know a guy that can get GSCI tubes if you want to buy a new one

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I guess I wont be springing for an XD-4 or XR-5 anytime soon then. I did talk to someone over in Europe who said that they would be able to get me a photonis commercial gen 2 tube for around 1700 cad, or a supergen tube for around 2700 cad, however for that price I may as well go for a GSCI GA 2 autogated tube for under 2k canadian.
I would like to find out the specs of GSCI's GA 1 gen 3 tube though since its price seems phenomenal for a gen 3 tube.
Maybe i'll get in contact with Brandon optics and GSCI to figure out the specs.

And if anyone could shed some light on the GSCI tubes in the meantime that'd be great.
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I think that's the direction I should have gone with this one though.
gen1 - I can't see shit
gen2 - I see LOTS of green, but not many people
gen3 - Nobody wants to play with me because I'm an elitist asshole now

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