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I would not buy a GSCI gen 2 tube, I have one its meh, you can do far better with photonis tubes... although they are very available and in country and much much cheaper... so thats good. The GSCI gen 3 tube I peeked through seemed great, similar level of noise to thunders omni 6 as well as gain, given this was young in the evening and there was plenty of light.

Harder tubes seem ok, a bit pricy, I know nothing about these tubes other then what is on actinblacks website, I would say pros to this tube because of accessibility.

XR5 tubes are very very very expensive, as in expensive enough that you could almost buy 2 of the many pvs-14s listed on ASC for the price of a non gated XR5 tube, let alone a gated one, the new intense tubes are even more expensive, price listings for XR5 tubes that I have seen new from manufactures was about 5000 euro for non gated and 6300 euro for gated. XD4 tubes are listed at 4000 euro and 5100 euro with gating, supergen tubes were listed at 3300 euro. Alpha optics might be able to get there hands on those tubes but unless they are magic and can get much lower prices, dump your housing and buy a used pvs-14 off ASC unless your set on having the absolute best resolution you can get... for a ludicrous price

buy a used 14 off ASC

XR5 SNR is 28 limiting resolution is 72 gain 30-55000 sensitivity is 800

XD4 SNR 24 lim res is 64 gain is 30-40000 sensitivity 700

supergen SNR 22 lim res is 64 gain 25-35000 sens is 700

im fairly confident GSCI is potting com grade tubes these are the specs: SNR 19 lim res is 58 gain is 25 000 sens is 550
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I think that's the direction I should have gone with this one though.
gen1 - I can't see shit
gen2 - I see LOTS of green, but not many people
gen3 - Nobody wants to play with me because I'm an elitist asshole now

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