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my right to an opinion #2

What I have noticed during my brief time on this planet and in this country is that firearms and their POSITIVE influence in society has been diminished by snowflakes criminalizing them. Criminals are abundant in this country, violence whether it is drug related, crime related, ego related or intimidation related will not stop whether it's bumping a tire iron off someones head to pay a drug debt or pointing an airsoft item at a persons temple while they are taped to a chair with a sock in their mouth because somebody crazy told someone who is crazier did this or this or this.

It is up to our law enforcement to keep us safe. That means infiltrating networks that are actively engaging in heinous criminal activity. Crime is occurring daily, right in front of our noses. Certain families condone it and stay zipper-lipped because it brings cash money into the home, media condones it, special interest under-their-breath hate groups promote it. The issue isn't simply about schizophrenic, radicalized nobodies using our countries shelter systems to hop across the country undetected until they find someone to sell them a gun or other nefarious items to cause the general public harm. It begins right under our noses, at the CBSA level, at policing and policies of who and what to look at, it means turning over stones and eliminating corruption at our borders.

Using our airsoft community as a scapegoat to solve a very MINOR element of violent crime is not the correct solution.

The majority of airsoft users that I've met are responsible and use them in a yard, during camping or at a field. The flip side is this, a kitchen knife in the hands of a sane person is simply a kitchen knife. A machete in the hands of a methed out angry person stumbling down an alley in the dtes gets him filled with hot lead. Half the time these occurrences don't make it in the 6 pm news BUT IT SHOULD. If this happened we, the public, would realize solutions sooner than later are always a better idea.

This is my opinion on the matter and in no way reflect the beliefs on this matter on this forum
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