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yeah, I'm not sure at all where they came from, body pieces from some so-far unknown areas.

One piece showed up when I bought the aeg used, brought it home and began resurrecting it from its 88fps grave.

The piece appeared to fall out of the gearbox and I thought tappet plate but it was fine.

The second piece happened last night during some additional gearbox mods and modification to a full length thru the suppressor inner barrel.

I said to my buddy, there's another piece, shrugged it off, reassembled it all and thought nothing of it.

I paused now during this message to check down inside the plastic lower receiver and all the taps look like they're there.

A couple of additional things i have done is to cut a small rectangular piece of high density foam, thinned it down, cut a slot in it and put it over the front lower receiver pin to offer some support and minimal extra tension against the receiver locking tap, basically eliminating some slop without compromising the fitment.

The second thing i did *read below, (now that the upper is railed out and extra heavy) it has the Ultra Grade King Arms rail and also the Nitro P90 ris on it.

I though it would be a good idea to support the lower receiver mounting slot with a piece of thin, nylon fiber industrial zap strap (not your regular zap strap, I found it in a lane on an old, discarded city works sign, I'm resourceful this way :P) super-glued it at the front edge (the edge away from you just forward and front of the rectangular slot the upper locks into) to keep the weight of the upper from twisting apart the lower receiver as it is two halves fused together.

Sorry if my description is hard to follow, I'm trying my best to be as detailed as possible.

I cut a thin strip, the width of the front edge. Then i pressed the halves together, applied a thin line of super-glue, applied the strip after i shaped it with scissors and stuck it down, smoothing it out with a flat screwdriver.

wiped off the residual glue, let it set and then filed it, test fit, filed and test fit until it was perfect.

This will reduce the strain in this area and offer better support and strength i believe.
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