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Originally Posted by Ratters View Post
Yes, totally agreed. Switch the smack down to a "press down" good point Spengler.

I can agree with you that the mags and the round build up of the bb feed tube ON the magazines themselves can be brittle and the bodies themselves can also be brittle during disassembly and reassembly. I've had now TWO small triangular-like pieces of black plastic fall out of the thing during disassembly
But I put it back together and everything seems to keep on working. Is it the P90 version of an automotive throw away part? I don't know but if I ever find out where it came from I will share my findings.
Not your common all steel, bounce it off a tree and it will survive AK platform but still awesome in looks and function if you look after them
Agreed! I love the look and feel of them, and the top-loading is straight-up choice, brother. At the field I go to, I've only ever seen one other dude with a P90 (granted, a much nicer and more expensive one than my crappy JG but still), and both teammates and opponents give me props each game and ask to try it. It'd be nice if there decent ways to get high-cap translucent ones, though.

Could the triangular parts be tabs that maybe hold the halves of the body together, and snap off during disassembly? I haven't noticed those triangular parts when taking my mags apart but now I'm wondering if maybe I just didn't notice anything falling out!
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