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P90 mag feed issues requiring a smack down

Hi folks, this is a helpful solution i found that might work for you if you have experienced inconsistent feed issues. This is not about mags that simply feed like crap to begin with nor is it about mechanical failures such as a broken tappet plate or other internal unpleasantness.

Ever have those game days with a P90 with one finger on the trigger and the other hand holding your mag down so it feeds properly? Maybe you have and maybe you haven't but in any case please continue reading....

The height of the mag and how it sits on the gun is of vital importance for this top fed style to feed.

The plastic finger on the gun must interact with the spring loaded magazine bb retainer fully in order to let the magazine do its job efficiently.

What I have found while tinkering is this, The stock P90 magazine catch on my king Arms 90ug using MAG mids seem to leave a wobbly void between the gun and mag.

My solution was this.

1. find a not so thick plastic membership card that you or another family member don't use. in my circumstance it was an old Mountain Equipt. Co-op card.

2. take a look at the mag release on the gun and you will notice a small, square divot, one of the three contact points that centers and holds the magazine in place during use or hanging on your wall.

3. take some scissors and cut a square from the unused card, the same size as the bottom face of the square area on the mag release, center bottom basically.

4. use a dab of some thick gel super glue on the square being held by tweezers and place the square on the mag release. Press it on with the back of the tweezers, smoothing it out for a flat and flush fit.

LET it DRY.......scratch yer nuts.....check your pm's........scratch yer nuts again....

Trim off the excess overhanging plastic (flush to the edges of the original square), with a sharp razor blade so it doesn't contact the magazine bottom and try your mag.

Hopefully the first attempt is amazing and makes you say "nice"! BUT if it's too thick a fine nail file will bring it down until it's perfect and voila, a nice, flush, reliably feeding magazine and no gap.

I hope my shared and successful experience helps you out.
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