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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
A little grinding is normal since the hammer will slide against the bbu. From the sound of it I think your hammer assembly needs a power washing.
Ordinarily I would say - 'yeah, I should probably clean them' - but both are now brand new, fresh out of the packaging OEM part trigger assemblies.

If they are still sticky tonight after trying the suggested method below, I will try power-washing them.

A person on r/Airsoft said this:

Okay so I own the pistol as well

To take the slide off after I pull the takedown lever I gently karate chop the back of the slide a few times and it’ll slide off, it hasn’t broken my gun thus far and I’ve completely taken it apart many times

If I understand you correctly, the hammer is pushed too far down, and pulling the trigger doesn’t cause the hammer to fall. If that’s the case then:

The hammer is not broken! The reason the hammer is stuck back is because it’s a full auto pistol.

If you take the lower of the gun, point it away from you, while looking at the top of it. There should be a small silver rectangle thingy on the right side of the top of the hammer assembly. Press it down, the hammer will then click into place where it is ready to fire.

The point of this function is that when you pull the small tab on the underside of your slide it will push down against the silver tab when the slide goes forward, and fire again.
So... just hit it (tap it? karate chop it?) a little harder and check to make sure that specific part isn't just keeping the hammer down?

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