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Well first off, how long has it been?

Second, give the guy benefit of the doubt, could of had some family emergency or something important come up in his life.

If he’s still not shipping or getting back, then possibly contact one of the admins on here. Was he an age verified member?

Whats the value of the goods, personally I wouldn’t jump the gun and call police, they have more important issues.

Originally Posted by blazzer73553 View Post
my apologies if this is in the wrong section.

so i bought some stuff( attachments) via e transfer from a guy in northern alberta, i was gonna pick them up, but ive been pretty sick at home for the past 2 weeks.

i asked the guy if he could ship it, he agreed as long as i paid.

so i paid, he said he would ship next morning, since paying, havent heard a thing, i found him and his wife on facebook after a bit of research, and confrimed it was this guy.

can i file a police report for mail fraud? anythign else i can do to get my money back or parts?
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