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Others might be able to answer your questions better but from what I've seen from a few stills and 2 separate videos, I'd say yes that's a fair statement. Although it's evident that it's a gradual replacement of the CQB upper as both appear to be in use currently. In the video of the CANSOFCOM demo at the Maple Leaf's Military Appreciation Day members can be seen with both:



I think it's safe to say you're going to find IUR's on A2, FTHB & A3 lowers. I imagine it depends on whether it's a replacement upper only or a full newly issued carbine. Replacement uppers would likely be matched with older existing lowers (A2 & FTHB) whereas full issued carbines I'm thinking would be paired with A3 lowers? MaybeStopCalling, any thoughts?

In terms of uppers, most IUR's seen in media so far have been 11.5" CQB length uppers. Having said that, Larry Vickers posted these pics of 15.8" versions IUR on his FB not long ago.
Thanks man! Seems like we're seeing quite an assortment of transitions then.

Why I ask is because I'm trying to build a C8A3 with my JTF2 black kit and might play a bit of CQB. That said originally I could've gone with the default SFW built, but because I'm planning to build my gun as relatively more new, therefore I'm making it an A3. If I'm playing indoors then CQB is seriously the better way to go, which is why I'm trying to confirm CANSOFCOM are using A3 + some as CQB.

I looked into several of the threads already on the forum, but I wanted to make sure what I'm doing remains relatively factual because I don't wanna turn my gun too exotic and then just calling it SOF-style to excuse laziness and lack of proper effort. While SOFs do have a lot of privilege to how they want to build their things, I feel if we're really trying to build a relatively accurate impression, we should at least put some decent efforts unless that was how you planned your gun to be in the beginning. Just my 2 cents :P

I was gonna use the RIS system at the moment, although hearing your response, now I'm starting to consider IUR too
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