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C8CQB Build

The base gun is a G&G Top Tech GC7A1.

Starting off with the externals:
-D Boy "Ergo" trigger grip
-Unknown "VLTOR" stock
-Unknown brand suppressor
-Unknown KAC rail
-Unknown buffer tube
-JG gas tube
-Real Magpul RVG
-Zombie Stopper XPS-2 (swapped out the reticle for a regular holographic)
-Tokyo Marui PEQ-16 battery box
-JG front triangle sight
-Classic Army carrying handle
-King Arms steel CQB outer barrel

The only reason why it's two toned is because I didn't want to paint over the laser etched "trades". Other than the lousy trades, the no ambi-selector, ambi-mag release, Diemaco sling mount, and Diemaco carrying handle, I think everything is correct(?)

New paint:

Old paint:

Reeeeeeeally miss this rifle...ugh :'(

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