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Resource Post

General Resources:
Colt Canada / Diemaco:
Colt Canada Weapons Catalogue:
Differences between C8 / M4 & C7 / M16:
Differences Between C7 & M16:
Canadian American Strategic Review (no longer maintained/updated as of December 2016):

Builder's Resources:
The C7/C8 Rifle Reference Thread:
The Reptile House Blog - Simply one of the best resources for High-end highly accurate L119A1 (and soon to be A2) builds:
The Taranis Blog - Very informative info on L119A1 & A2 builds & reviews of the new Angry Gun L119A2 (C8IUR) inspired rail:
Super awesome L119A1 AND C8FTHB (Chad's G&P woc GBBR build):

Zeroin - How to build an L119/C8SFW:
Iperial Engravers Review:
CANSOF Blaster Pics by Larry Vickers:

Colt Canada C8IUR LE Patrol Carbine resources:
The Armed Jolly Green Giant Blog: (Real Steel Colt Canada goodness)
The Firearms Blog IUR Upper Review: http://beetleoutdoorsupply.blogspot....per-first.html
Calibre Magazine IUR Upper Review:

Links/Sources for Parts & Accessories:
Northern Marksman Reel Steel Colt Canada C8/C7 parts (only sales in Canada):
G&G Tri-rail (triad) Barrel Mount:
Warlod Tactical L119/C8 Specific Upgrade Parts:
BEGADI Repro Diemaco D.I.S. Carry Handle:
ShadowTwoSix's Airsoft Facebook Page:

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