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Colt Canada / Diemaco C8, C7 & L119/SFW Builders Gallery

First of all it's not "just another M4" so stick it!

It's true they're based off the AR design but there's just something different and unique about them (in addition to the 90+ improvements Diemaco made to the original design). There are some amazing resources here for those wanting to jump into C8, C7 or L119/SFW builds. I thought it was time to bring it all together into one thread so we can show off our builds and help & inspire others to do the same!

I encourage the ASC community to post pics here of anything designed to replicate any C8 or C7 model including foreign export models such as the L119 SFW utilized mostly by British Special Forces. In the second post I will keep a list of reference links for anything related that might assist members in their endeavors. If you come across something related, let me know and I'll add it to the resource post.

Otherwise.. start posting and ENJOY!
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