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Originally Posted by ric_ View Post
How is the reliability of we,m m16

The main problems I've seen with the WE M4s/M16s are (in no particular order):

1) cracked nozzles (its plastic);

2) cracked/broken "bolt face" (also plastic, same parts group as the nozzle): if a BB or debris gets into your feed port, the bolt carrier can break as the BCG slams it forward. Mostly an aesthetic problem unless it's really messed up badly and interferes with operation. I've played with a broken one without issue;

3) bolt catch failing to hold the bolt open on an empty mag. This has a lot to do with some mags not seating properly and having a bit of wiggle. There's a few solutions to this, including swapping out the mag catch, shimming the bolt catch, etc. I think the Magpul style mags are a snugger fit in the magwell, but I'm not sure if they were converted from real PMAGs or from the MSK (maybe someone else can comment);

4) some upper/lower receiver combinations exhibit more play (wobble). The "magic" receiver pins can fix it;

5) you'll want to run an NPAS to increase reliability/consistency;

6) partial internals upgrades always seem to lead to disasters: mixing steel parts with non-steel parts doesn't end well.
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