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Originally Posted by ripanu1 View Post
i thought id spread the word but then again the word could already be out?
i had a customer in today and he was looking at my pistols ,he wanted a gas blowback,but didn't want to spend over $150. so i showed him a couple and he picked the smith&wesson sigma SW40F. he realy liked i have a short range in the back of the shop,i thought he could try my demo. make sure that he liked shooting it before purchase (i do this if i have it in a demo) this smith&wesson sigma SW40F has only fired about 200 rnds and to my supprise the customer fired 2 shots and on the second shot the gun blew apart in his hand sending the front nose of the upper receiver flying forward,internals every where. any was long story short,NO SALE and he left. i plan on returning the others (junk alert) not in my store.
Yeah that tends to happen with those... I don't have enough experience with clearsoft to know for real about all the rest, but the KWC Sigma in clear tends to break down either very quickly or not at all. I'm surprised that you were surprised about this?
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