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Agreed not much we can do about it and id venture a guess that his type of thing will unfotunately become even more common now that AS guns can be had for half the price they wer when I started and also the fact that there are many walk in retailers cause those wer non existant 4-5 years ago.
The good of it is it says BB guns and doesnt say airsoft directly also I doubt they are members of our fourms or players of the game cause if they wer they would know it would be way more fun to get out to a game and shoot at their friends/aquaintences rather then shooting at static targets that dont fight back.
Shame that you cant fix stupid but id bet that they wont do somethin so retarded again based on the charges they are facing they may even see some jail time, at least in remand custody and they will hopefully educate all their lil friends about how utterly dumb it is to use bb/airsoft/replica firearms in such a manner.
Good news Is noone got hurt and they didnt try n use em to commit armed robbery or somethin even more dumb then what they did do, heck folks have done this type of thing with PB guns way befor airsoft was popular and that causes alot more property damage and clean up
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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