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Originally Posted by blazzer73553 View Post
well, took everyones advice. found a tm 18c, on thee way. effing hard guns to find.

did some all night review homework, seems like the tm issues are minimal to none, most causes of problems from my research were either wear and tare and it was LONG down the road from the few reviews i read or it was a lack of maintenance, meanwhile there were a few with good things to say about the we, and lots... lots of reviews saying bad things about the we. so, from that and your guys opinions, tm it is.

* now i gotta decide on my primary...*

The Maple Armouries SBR is new on the scene and looks like an absolute steal from a price to performance standpoint. If I were to buy a new M4 today it would be this rifle. Make sure you add it to your list for consideration.

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