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Originally Posted by T@NK View Post
The 05 sub is for police only, PLA don't use them. If you going for PLA load out, don't use them then.

PS: Kaiu, you are mainlander or taiwanese? seems bit rare for a mailander to collect taiwanese gear, likewise to the taiwanese interested in mainland weapon. or you CBC?

Hey, does anyone know why is there military issue Type 05 and Police issue Jian She 9mm? Is it just named like that ONLY because of the rounds they use? If so it's pretty misleading =/

Edit: Also, didn't I see some PLA special forces with them? or are those armed polices?

he QCW-05 is intended to be PLA's frontline personal defence weapon for personnel in non-combat roles such as vehicle crews and aircrews who would normally be confined to quarters where a full assault rifle would be unwieldy and by specialised operation units such as the People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces and People's Armed Police.

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