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Originally Posted by Oberst39 View Post
Thank you for this, I echo these sentiments exactly and could not state in in any better words....Airsoft should not be politicized for the interests of politicians or others seeking re-election.
Thing is, you could say the same thing about literally anything. I'm not in BC, I don't know what's going on over there, but based on this thread alone, I'm lead to believe that retailers don't care about not selling airsoft stuff to people under 18, which is fucked-up enough as it is, but gets even worse if folks then use said airsoft stuff for criminal activity.

Sure, airsoft's a sport, but a hockey stick looks like a hockey stick. A tennis racket looks like a tennis racket. An airsoft platform looks like a goddamn accurately-scaled officially licensed firearm, so people panicking is understandable.

If you're in BC, call that number and talk to the people behind it. See what's up, what their deal is. If all these shit-nanigans could be avoided by just, say, enforcing the no-sales-to-under-18 rule, tell them that. Be proactive like our dude Airmax.
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