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Unhappy Unknown slide issue, gets stuck after slide goes back on GBB pistol

So I recently got an EMG STI/TTI JW3 2011 Combat Master and it had been firing fine, so today when I tried firing again (now with a tracer attached if it matters), the slide started to have problems.

Whenever I would fire (both with bbs and without) it would fire but then the slide wouldn't go back forward ( ). The slide was stuck in place and I had to push it forward with a lot of force.

Another thing is, this problem doesn't happen when I lean the pistol to the side ( - notice how I'm not holding the pistol vertically). This is a video of that happens when I hold the pistol vertically - ). It should of slide back further to be at the slide lock, but instead it only slid back so far ( ) and the slide was stuck (had to force it back into position).

This problem also only happens when I have a magazine inside the pistol, and I have tried 2 other identical magazines but the same problem occurs (I have also made sure the magazines were filled with green gas) When I don't have a magazine in, the slide slides just fine without getting stuck.

Although the videos I added don't show the actual firing of bbs, the exact same problem occurs when firing a bb. It fires, goes back, then gets stuck.

Why is this happening? It was firing fine for the past few days and is pretty much brand new. What can I do to fix this? If you need more pictures or videos of the problem lmk.

P.S. I'm kind of a newbie at airsoft pistols so please explain thoroughly.
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