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Originally Posted by rotorstart View Post
I took the TM g36c out of the closet after almost 3 months, had the lipo charged, test fired in semi just fine. I switched to auto and immediately I started firing, the motor seemed to stop.

I cleaned the muzzle with some silicone oil, then disassembled the gun until the hand cover is off the motor unit. When I pull the trigger once, I can feel that the motor gets kicked once. If I pull it a few times, the connectors where the fuse is attached to, get real hot.

Can someone please give me some guidance how to troubleshoot this? Did the motor get toasted or the gear get jammed somewhere?

Thanks in advance.
I wouldn't count the motor out yet, if it fires in semi there is no reason it wont fire in auto. Spinning is spinning.

Does it still fire in semi?

Sounds like you could have a jam in the mechbox, causing the motor to try and spin but it cant. When a motor cannot spin, MASSIVE amounts of current is drawn by the motor, this would explain why your wiring was getting hot.
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