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So I just noticed i have a neat little subtitle under my name... very classy Bloodsport or whoever gave it to me. Even though this argument was almost a month old you decided to update it just now.

I thought I would just leave things alone but you go ahead and try to catch my attention with this so sure, I'll bite.

Honestly, do you WANT me to volunteer? In the last post you tell me to volunteer. The post before that you tell me NOT to volunteer.

For the past two weeks I've been waking up at 5 am and getting on a bus and in my spare time reporting all the cialis/money laundering bots that have been spamming the forums. Not your fault really, and it's not a permanent solution. But that was what you suggested wasn't it? To volunteer my time and help report the spam? Yet I'm greeted with a neat title like this.

Seriously bloodsport I'm getting some really mixed messages here about whether or not you actually want me on your team because right now I'm open to becoming an AV'er or moderator. BUT considering how management treats new members and current members, I'm more than a little skeptical about my voluntary involvement being greeted with open arms.

It's your forums so of course you get the final say. I'm okay with helping out but if you're going to be petty about it then i'm out.
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