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Other Information of Interest:

Site Supporters and Retailers

Love ASC? Check it way more than is healthy? Then send us some cashmoney!

Site Supporters will get a number of benefits:
-Fancy status bar by your avatar
-You can turn off the Google Ads
-2000 message PM box
-Posting in the trash

The program will operate on a pay-what-you-can basis, but like the last fundraising drive, there will be four tiers:
-Site Supporter - $10
-Silver Member - $25
-Gold Member - $50
-Platinum Member - $100

All sections of the site (excepting the Trash) will remain accessible to everyone regardless of status.

Because all of the costs we face are recurring and not just one-time things, your Site Supporter status will last for one (1) year, from the day you send your donation (or November 1st, if you send it before then).

If you donated in the past, we're going to retain your old level until the start of 2009. Donating any time before then will bump your status all the way to 2010.

We will be accepting donations solely through EMT, at the email address Set the EMT password to 'airsoft' and MAKE SURE you include your exact ASC username in the comments.

The features mentioned above will be activated on November 1st.

PM Box Size

As we have warned previously, the maximum PMs you can store at a time will be going down to 100. This is going to be implemented on November 1st, so YOU NEED TO BACK UP YOUR MESSAGES! Go to your inbox and scroll all the way to the bottom and look on the right: "Download all Private Messages as:"

If you can't stand to go to a smaller PM box, consider becoming a site supporter; you'll keep the 2000 message limit you enjoy now.

Retailers and Ad Space

We're working hard to get the retailers section and the community ad space working. Let me give you some details.

-Retailers will get a thread in the retailers forum; no bumping limits, customers are free to post in your thread to ask questions, and more. We'll be able to set up more custom permissions if you want.
-Updates will appear on the retailers homepage; you can see an example here:
-MUCH larger PM box
-Estimated price will be $50/month, and we will offer discounts for multiple months bought in advance

-The ad space will be in the upper right, where the ASCA banner used to be
-banner size is 420x89, the same size as the ASC image in the upper left on the Boring Blue theme
-You must be an age-verified user or a retailer to purchase ad space
-Estimated price will be $50/month, similarly with discounts for multiple months bought in advance
-Ads will be rotated between all advertisers
-The actual ad image has to be approved by us

In order for the retailers to get as much visibility as possible, we have decided to make the retailers section visible to everyone, including non-age-verified members, although as of July 1 2010 all retailler gun sale ads must be placed in the age verified retailer section. This was not an easy decision to make. We have no intention of allowing anybody to circumvent the age verification system we've worked so hard to implement, so there will be a terms-of-service agreement that retailers must sign onto, stating explicitly: guns and gun parts can only be sold to age-verified members, no ifs, ands or buts. The AV tag is the only thing that will allow purchase of guns and gun parts through any section of this website. We believe this will be beneficial, as it will give a much greater incentive to new members to get age verified, and it won't restrict gear retailers like Army Issue. Selling guns and gun parts to non-AVed members will be reason to have their retailer status and AV status revoked.

Retailers will still have to abide by the rules of the community; they will still have a trader rating, and trade disputes will be dealt with by the admins just like any other seller. We have no plans to leave our users out in the cold.

All questions and comments can be directed here:
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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