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Airsoft Canada Forum Rules Updated 2015

Since these seem to have been in quesiton a lot lately, and when infractions are given out people continually ask where these rules are or how to find them I felt it was time for a refresh and updated master thread with the rules listed.

These rules are combined from the original rules thread with mulitple posts added by moderators and admins over the past several years.

These rules are not up for debate or discussion.

The Airsoft Canada Forums

Welcome to Canada’s Discussion board for airsoft players across the country, and around the world! Our forums quickly fill up with topics related to gear, guns, repairs and upgrades, not to mention we currently have most active airsoft classified forum in Canada. We welcome any player to join the forums and contribute information where ever they can to improve the experience for all the users.

The ASC forum only rules, they are policed well. They are intended to keep the forums clean, useful, and informative. Please read them before posting to save yourself from any problems you may encounter.

1) Be respectful of other users.
If you respect the other members, they will respect you. Being polite, and kind to those on the board goes a long way to creating a positive image for yourself. When asking a question, almost every member of the board is willing to help you with any problem you may have. However, please do not abuse their kindness by asking questions without first doing some research on the topic. If you ask something which can easily by answered with a bit of reading, you may not get a polite response. Make frequent use of the information and FAQ sections. At the same time Flaming of members will not be tolerated, repeat abusers will find their accounts banned (either temporarily or permanent). Flaming is simple, if someone asks a question and you do anything but answer it nicely and properly, you are basically starting to flame.

Example said person asks "Whats better a M14 or a Mp5"
and you reply "How old are you?" or "Not another one can't you search" or "Read the FAQs" or "Wait till your age verified" you are starting to flame. No where in those responses is an answer to the question asked.

Directing the person to reviews of the guns, or giving your personal opinions of the guns in question are what should be posted.

Now at the same time this is not to say that there is not times that people need to be referred to the Forum Rules or FAQs, if it is a question like "where can I buy guns" and they are not verified, then refer them to the Rules and FAQs politely.

2) Avoid hateful language, racial slurs, bullying/threats or excessive profanity.
This should go without saying. Using any of the above mentioned things only makes you appear immature and disrespectful. Failure to comply with this simple rule may result in removal from the board.

3) Use descriptive titles, and follow the title formats where specified.
It can be very difficult and distracting to see a board full of topics entitled, “Look Here” or “Here’s my question”. Please make your topic title as DESCRIPTIVE as possible. This aids in clarity, and will go a long way to creating a positive image of yourself on the board. In addition, some forums such as the classified section have a specific way to title your post. Please follow the formats. Stick to these rules, and your post will have a long life on the board.

4) Only post topics that are related to airsoft.
This is Airsoft Canada. As such, we try to keep topics related to airsoft. Some military topics are allowed since they directly relate to gear or equipment. In general however, try and stick to airsoft topics.

5) Improper Links, Photos and Videos.
There is to be no posting or linking to photographs or videos of people being killed, or the dead bodies of people whether they are combatants in a war or not. This will usually be considered a major offense.

Linking or Posting Porn of any type will result in an infraction and/or ban. Please remember there is minors and law enforcement agencies who browse this site. We do not want issues resulting to nudity and porn here.

6) Drop the attitude.
There has been an unsettling trend as of late on ASC for members to feel the need to participate or flame, to only criticize other members spelling and punctuation.

Starting now we will be issuing warnings to those who feel the need to do this. If members wish to bother with their dispute or argument they should do it via pm and not muck up a thread.

PLEASE REPORT issue posts/threads: Turns out we mods don't read every post that everyone makes (although some people seem to think we do...). If people see an issue then REPORT it with the report function you will see at the bottom left side of a post. ( Red lined Triangle with exclamation point in the middle)

PLEASE report threads/posts you see that are questionable or blatant rule breaking (In all forums) as well as threads where the item has been sold/traded/etc (except when someone has added a banana to delete the thread).

AT THE SAME TIME if a mod/admin gives direction, and you choose to bitch/complain/argue/tell them how to do their jobs in the thread or via PM afterwards, do not be surprised if you are given a Temp ban from the site (possibly a perma ban depending on your wording and if you have done so before). Our admins/mods are entrusted to enforce the rules and manage the site, they are all Volunteers giving up their free time to do so (none of us are paid to do this), so bitching them out will result in your removal which we reserve the right to do.

7) Multiple accounts.
If you have more then one account it will get you banned. No exceptions if we catch you doing so (so if you have made a secondary account, start using your original account, and original account only, and politely apologize in a PM to an admin with a list of your secondary accounts so they can be shut down, this is the only way you will not get your original account banned). If you continue to come back under new accounts and are caught further actions will be taken to remove you from bothering the site.

8) No posting of guns or 18+ items outside of specified areas
There will be no posting of guns or other 18+ items for sale or looking for in Signatures or other areas where you don't need to be age verified. Items are to be sold in their proper locations. Guns go in the gun section, gear in the gear section, NAR in the NAR section.... Failing to do this will get you a warning, particularly with selling guns.

9) DO NOT try to cheat the Age Verification
Cheating the Age Verification process by trying to use an image of the Age Verified tab as your avatar (or by any other photo editing means). Using fake ID or another having someone else become "age verified" for you.

Doing so will result an instant ban.

10) Bumping Sales Threads.
A bump of a sales thread is any post or update made under 1 week of the original or last post.

If you have new information to add then please edit your original post.
Examples of this are: new items to be sold, price changes, items sold, adding pictures.

If you are responding to a specific question that has not already been answered that is okay. Although a reply in your thread to a PM received is not this information should be edited into the original post.

Bumping early does result in an infraction, and repeated abuse can and does lead to a temp ban typically of 1 to 3 weeks. Continued abuse after this can lead to loss of age verification, and/or banning from the site.

11) Signature Rules

ONE image, at a maximum of 100 pixels high, 512 pixels wide
Sample size:

If that image is combined with text, the text can NOT exceed 100 pixels in height and 600 pixels wide
Sample size:

If your signature is text only, it can NOT exceed a total of 200 pixels in height and 600 pixels wide
Sample size:

12) Updated: Classified Rules & Info
All Sales threads, must have a price included.

For all sellers, please pay attention to the new rule in the classified area. If you have sold an item, do not edit out your original post. Please keep all contents of your original post, including the price of sold item(s).

You may append to your post, notifiying that it's 'SOLD', change the thread title notifying it's sold, or use the report post function to alert a moderator an item's sold. To help facilitate the archiving of sales thread, please make a post with the word: bannana this will enable us to quickly search the classifieds and remove sold threads.

All sold items are moved into the "SOLD ITEMS ARCHIVE" for future reference. This should help reduce future disputes, and buyers will be able to refer to past transactions to judge market price.

The archive area will be read-only.

13) Pre Order Threads.
Before posting a pre order thread, you must first submit a request to a site Admin (Lisa, BloodSport, Illusion, Mantelope) with a minimum of 2 establish players of 2+ years playing time who are known on these boards who will vouch for you for approval. Once approved you may post your thread.

Posting of pre order threads with out approval will result in deletion of thread, possible loss of Age Verification status. Multiple offenses will result in a ban.

Please note that ASC, its mods/admins, and other members do not have any responsibility for Pre Order that fail once approved. The approval terms are only to keep unknowns from posting Pre Orders in an attempt to help protect the community.

14) Real Firearms
There will be no sales of real firearms on Airsoft Canada. For that go to Canadian Gun Nutz. Posting up wanted ads or sales ads for firearms will be dealt with an infraction being provided. Firearms accessories that can be used with an airsoft gun are ok.

15) Painting Clearsoft and selling it
If its painted at all, you must state so in your sales ad. Failure to do so will be considered scamming which will result in loss of buy/sell rights here, as well as a possible ban from the site. Ensure that if it is clearsoft or clear/smoked bodies/parts that you state so if you have painted over them. Advertising a painted black gun, which is a clearsoft gun as a "Full Black" gun is a scam and false advertising, if you are found out to be doing this we will release your name, date of birth, and tracking IP to the RCMP for fraud if the buyer wishes to pursue action against you. This is your only warning.

16) Do not reply to spam posts
Whenever you see spam, please simply report the post using the forums reporting system. This can be done by clicking the report button ( ) at the bottom of the spammers post.
Replying to these posts only encourages the bots to return, it also makes cleanup harder.


These simple rules are universal and should be respected anywhere on the board. Following them will insure that you’re name is respected, and your company is enjoyed in any post you make. Not following these will result in warnings, which, if unheeded, will be followed by muting or banning (see below).

Disciplinary Action

Ignorance of the above rules is unacceptable. Although an admin or mod may overlook the first offence, it is possible for them to come down harder on you if you break the rules repeatedly.

Offences are divided into two Categories
1: Minor
2: Major

Minor Offence

Definition - Minor offences include things such as mistitling posts, NAR (Not airsoft related) posts, insulting users or user prices, excessive post bumping, rude behaviour and general disrespect of the board's members. They are not limited to those listed.

Response - In general, this is up to the moderators viewing your post and has a LOT to do with your previous conduct on the board. They may warn you publically or privately. In addition, they have the ability to formally register that offence with the administration. If you have been an upstanding member of the board, it may be overlooked completely, however if they feel your actions are inappropriate and it is formally registered, you will be informed. Any formal minor offences will then be considered major offences.

Major Offence

Definition - Major offences are such things as fraud, racial bigotry, trolling*, attempting the sale of illegal items, and any minor offence after a formal registration. They are not limited to those listed.

Response - If a major offence is formally reported, several options are available.
1) Removal of posting privilages for a time designated by administration according to the severity of the offence (Muting).
2) A temporary ban for a time designated by adminstration according to the severity of the offence.
3) A permanent ban from Airsoft Canada Forums.

*Trolling - Is defined as purposeful posting of false, useless, and/or inflamitory remarks to incite discord or unrest in the board or its operation. Whether posts constitute trolling is a decision for administration.

Please remember that although this forum is open to the public, it is owned and paid for by an individual. It is private property, and the administration reserves the right to take any of the above actions as they deem necessary.

If you receive an infraction from an administrator or a moderator and feel the need that you must absolutely respond to said Admin or Mod about it. Do so respectively. Failure to do so will start resulting in a temp ban of 1 week. We are getting rather tired of those of you who feel that you can break rules here, get warned for breaking them, then feel that you also have the right to then send us petty little nasty PM's regarding them. These PM's will start to be dealt with 1 week temp bans, continued abuse will extend your vacation time or make it perm.

Visiting this site and being allowed to post is a privaledge, much like being able to play airsoft with your local groups, you must respect the rules. Failure to do so will result in you not being allowed to play.

- The Administration
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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