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TM Glock 18 Full Auto Problems

I recently replaced the sear, valve knocker, hammer spring and disconnecter on my TM Glock 18. After about 100 rounds it started firing full auto whenever I racked the slide, (Slam Fire) or when I pulled the trigger. The auto sear was set to semi auto, and it was firing in semi-automatic and full-automatic sporadically. I am going to assume that the hammer spring is too strong, causing the hammer to slip when I rack the gun. I have also tried to rack the gun without the magazine in, and pull the trigger. However it seems that the hammer is not coming back to firing position. When I try to disassemble the pistol, I need to rack it a few times before I am able to take the slide off. This all leads to the hammer not staying back into the firing position. Unfortunately, I just sold all my spare Glock parts, and I need some suggestions on what it could be. My guess is the Hammer Spring.

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