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Originally Posted by paradoxum View Post
hey guys. found this thread via google.

I'm trying to seal 4x Tokyo Marui M9A1 mags.

I took the bases off first, applied teflon tape, put the o-rings on, more teflon tape, lots of silicone oil on each step - still getting hissing / bubbling sound after filling the mags with propane.

I filled the mags hours ago and I can still hear some of them hissing from the base from across the room.

Only option left I can see is to use JB weld silicone - so do I strip the mag bases, clean with degreaser, apply the jb weld silicone sealant, put the o-ring on, put the jb weld silicone sealant on the inside of the mags too - insert the base into the mag, insert pins, put a bit of gas in, leave for 2 days to cure = fixed?

Edit: will this stuff work?

You need blue gasket maker, put it on like the guide and let it cure for 24-48 hours.
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