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Originally my interest was anything firearm related. I built a MP40 out of wood in the garage as a kid. I then began buying and building Marushin Plug Fire pistols, assault rifles and smg's. This was back when you could still buy Marushin guns off the wall at local surplus shops including a few off of movie sets and private industry importers. Somewhere along the way I obtained a pump action, shell ejecting airsoft gun. I think it was a Walther MPL or a Tec 9 type thing. My first intro into a gas gun was a Beretta 93R that used bb shell halves you dripped red dye into, glued together and attempted to make it work. You name it, I had it. A full sized, six drawer dresser full of replicas, plug fire guns, airsoft, blank firing guns. The bug bit young and it's never left
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