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1) Tokyo Marui Beretta M9 Tactical Master

2) Date Obtained: I think it was fall 2000.

3) Initial Cost: $220

4) Used

5) Mechanical Problems: 1-After a few years use, the gun tended to vent gas horribly when I was using duster. Switched to propane and the gun works perfectly again. 2-Slide lock notch wore out fairly early on so the slide no longer locks back when the mag is empty. 3-After many thousands of rounds, the trigger spring broke. Replaced with a realsteel spring.

6) Esthetic Problems: Just the lack of locking slide

7) Rounds fired between failures: This gun has had thousands of rounds through it. My first season was almost exclusively played with the GBB. The slide lock wore out within 1000 rounds of when I got it, but I don't know how much the previous owner used the gun.

8) Changes to Internals: Changed the small springs out when one of them snapped. 2005.
9) I have no plans to sell this gun.
10)Great workhorse gun. Lots of bang bang for your buck.
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