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1) Manufacturer, Model Name
G&G GR16 R5 / M16A3 RAS replica
2) Date Obtained
Oct. 2005
3) Initial Cost
4) New or Used
Used but not much use
5) Mechanical Problems
Slippery Hop-up due to oil on rubber sleeve (Oct. 2005)(minor)
Piston jammed due to cold weather (O-ring stretched needed replacement)(Oct. 2005)(major)
1 Electrical wire disconnected from motor (June 2006)(minor)
6) Esthetic Problems
Ring-shaped screw connecting the stock to the body is striped it is not affecting the stability of the stock.
1cm long crack at the base of the stock due to overthightening of the butt plate.
7) Rounds fired between failures
400-500 bbs before piston jam (First use)
None since
8) Changes to Internals
Lubing, greasing and Shiming(sp?) Jan (2007)
9) Resale Date and Value if applicable.
N/A 10) Notes and Comments
Some premature wear and tear on the gears caused by the piston jam due to cold weather and lack of maintenance from former owner but nothing bad. Overall sturdy gun. A bit expensive compared to quality-like guns (ICS, CA) currently on the market.
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