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1) Make and Model
ICS MP5A4 (not sure if V2 or V3)
2) Date Obtained
Late 2006
3) Initial Cost
4) New or Used
5) Mechanical Problems
6) Esthetic Problems
Front stock wobbles due to the plastic rails that hold the stock being worn down at the ends.
7) Rounds fired between failures
About 2 bags and still going strong
8) Changes to Internals / Externals
Before purchase:
TM EG1000 motor
Promethius Piston
Promethius High Speed gears
Stock barrel replaced with Systema M4A1 6.04 barrel
Hurricane Claw Mount with RIS
Custom 20mm rail added to bottom of stock foregrip
March 2007: Greased internals
April 2007: Replaced foregrip with CA MP5 RIS
9) Resale Date and Value if applicable.
Probably wont sell, but if I do it will probably be over $1000 (getting more internal upgrades in the short future for it)

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