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New build?

The best part of Airsoft for me personally is building guns. However as of late, I've run out of ideas. At this point I have 3 different lengths of M4's, 3 different lengths/caliber's of AK's and I don't know what to build next.

I'm looking for something electric, with easy to source parts both externally and internally. That means easy to source rails etc for optics and lights, and easy to source gearbox internals. There is a high chance I'm going to want to drop a Gate Titan in whatever I get as well.

Also don't forget easy to source/good quality magazines as well. Oh and no bullpups! Trust me I've tried putting a M4 style microswitch trigger in a P90. Too much goofing around.

So what's next in ease of upgrades/parts sourcing after M4's and AK's? Does anyone have any suggestions?
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