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Natural Alignment in CQB

Here's a quick method that I use when in CQB and I think it is very helpful. It is called NATURAL ALIGNMENT, and is used for fast target acquisition.

Essentially what the theory is is that when you lift your rifle to the ready (but you aren't aiming down sights) your barrel should be pointing almost directly at what your eyes are looking at. What you then do is move your eyes and rifle as one unit together. Whatever you look at you can shoot without aiming down sights. This makes it faster to get accurate fire downrange when you are clearing rooms, firing on the move, etc.

To practice it
1.Pick up your rifle in your house
2.Look at an object that is a decent target size without aiming down sights
3.Hold your stance as steady as you can and look down your sight, if it is aligned with where your eyes were looking then you did a good job!
4.Rinse and repeat until you feel comfortable shooting anything your eyes see

I find this much faster and effective at close range, rather than trying to strain your firing position when you manipulate the rifle while aiming down sights. This natural alignment technique should also be used when practicing long range shooting. It will tell you if your stance is actually the one that your body naturally likes to be in. Over-extending in CQB throws of shot placement, even while aiming. NATURAL ALIGNMENT WORKS! I suggest trying it!

PS The CAF teaches this technique for long and short range shooting.
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