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Originally Posted by JohnnyBoy View Post
Have you tried clothing stores in local areas? Little India on Gerard st downtown may have plenty of clothing stores with stuff similar to what you're looking for.

You could also try secondhand stores in those community areas?
I'd try looking less for re-enactment/themed wear, and more for actual civilian wear. I used to be in a neighborhood where everyone wore these, I'm sure you can find some.

You could also try shops that sell sari's and middle eastern womens wear, ask if they have any idea where to find some?

Good luck.
I'll try some second hand stores in/near those communities. Unfortunately with the closure of Goodwill stores in Toronto, there's really only Salvation Army second hand stores and Value Villages left aside from the upscale "vintage clothing" places.

But that's a good suggestion. I'll look for Value Villages near Afghan/Pakistani communities. Thanks!

As you say, I'm not specifically looking for "re-enactor" outfits, but rather simply the civilian portion of it, which is why I'm referring to the names used by those communities.

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