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Airsoft_Smoke June 4th, 2020 17:21

Clothing Mod Recommendations?
So my old tactical pants had built-in knee pads. The pants have torn so I removed the pads as they were still good. Any ideas on how I could attach them onto a new pair of tactical pants that doesn't have knee pad "hole" cutout?

Kindhamster June 4th, 2020 17:48

Easiest solution is to just take the torn pair of pants, rip the stitches holding the kneepad-holder part, and slap the whole kneepad holder onto the new pair of pants. It will look a bit funky if the camouflages are different, but it'll work.

Alternatively, you could pull off the kneepad holders and use the hole as a pattern to cut a new holder into the knee of the new pants. Most every pair of tactical pants has a double-layer/reinforced knee, so you can cut a hole in the outer layer for a pad and still have a layer of fabric between you and the kneepad.

Francosonny1120 January 11th, 2022 06:30

CAT also has a work line that is some of the best ive found. Two styles of pants and winter sets also. All have built in knee padding and tactical belt loops.

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