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Drake February 11th, 2017 01:52

I still see it offered here, once a year or every other year.

Great to learn fieldcraft, but if you're just interested for the higher FPS limits, there are so many different groups/organizers now, most don't recognize (or even know about) it.

Hectic February 12th, 2017 00:18

necro post lol
it is. you will have to watch the forum for the next sniper clinic to get certified.
to clarify, you can use 450fps with a bolt action at mist fields no problem. that is lvl1
for 500fps lvl2 many fields will allow it if you have the certification from the clinic.
lvl3 550fps is the same, however there are not many places you can safely use 550.

Sha Do May 18th, 2017 14:32


Originally Posted by cordless (Post 1998853)
Is this still a thing? If it is can some please redirect me where to go about it

Yeah...sorry guys. Been on a hiatus from the crap happing here on ASC. Also, having to have a hip replacement may also have something to do with it.....LOL

Actually looking to post an Sniper Cert Clinic at Claitrington Woods Airsoft on June the 4th (yes...of this year). Just waiting on final deatils so ther is no mis leading info in the posting.


Gato May 18th, 2017 16:21


Originally Posted by Killyin (Post 1625096)
I'm working on the AV. I don't have a lot of time through the week with work and jiu-jitsu so I'm trying to wiggle it in there somehow.

I'd suggest you get in touch with Brian, he posted further up in the thread, and arrange to meet him at his facility, it's fairly easy to get to and a quick process. :)

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