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MilanWG January 1st, 2011 21:29

Packs Gallery
Post up pictures of your best packs!

Camelbak B.F.M. 500 - coyote, gen.II

- 51 liters of gear capacity.

MilanWG January 1st, 2011 21:32

Camelbak H.A.W.G. - black, gen.I

- Velcro strip added for flag patches, etc.
- Custom pull tabs.
- 18 liters of gear capacity.

MilanWG January 1st, 2011 22:10

I just got the BFM on Friday from R. Nicholls in Mississauga.

I first had to first contact a Camelbak rep directly.

I was initially looking for BFM 500 in the US desert digital camo pattern, but since the US has dropped that camo Camelbak no longer produces any of their packs in that color.

The Camelbak rep directed me to Mike Copman (, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Equipment Divisions @ R. Nicholls.

He was really nice and set me up with the pack in Coyote.
They had to order the pack from their Quebec location (which only took a day) to the Mississauga store, which I then picked-up in person.

Give Mike an email, I am sure he will be more than happy to help out with any Camelbak or other pack questions/requests.

Hope that helps ;)

MilanWG January 1st, 2011 22:16

The H.A.W.G. has been my everyday carry pack since I got in back in 2003.

It has been my favorite pack to date.

But recently, I wanted the option of being able to carry a larger load - so I purchased the B.F.M. 500 which seems to be awesome so far (only had it for a couple days now).

I plan on using the B.F.M. for camping, traveling and airsoft 24hr mil-sim games.

The H.A.W.G. I tend to pack with everyday items like a 15in Powerbook laptop, books, power-cords, extra sweater, etc.

I am still playing around with what the B.F.M. can carry, but it seems like it can take a lot of different stuff - much more than the H.A.W.G (18L vs. 50L of gear) :)

Dimitri January 1st, 2011 22:38

My ALICE Pack, has served me well camping everywhere I brought it to, from local in Ontario all the way out to Oregon's mountains.

Or wait you mean newish tactical packs then my ATS Cobra is it. I use it for hunting, for camping (on weekend camp outs), as a travel bag, and anything else I need it for. Its also the only piece of multicam I am planning on keeping around, everything else has been sold off, given away or is in the classified.

PS R Nicholls and FN Sports hopefully will go bankrupt and disappear. They are scum. The lowest of the low I ever dealt with.


faithless January 2nd, 2011 00:17

TB, did you get the H.A.W.G. in Canada?

I was trying to locate a retailer within the country, but could not find one.

Any ideas?

Justinh789 January 2nd, 2011 05:06
5.11 Tactical Rush 24
Got one of these for Xmas :D I havent taken it out yet but I've used my fathers a couple times before and I love them. I have the OD green and my dads is the coyote brown. It has some pretty sick features that I hadnt noticed when I first got it, theres a sunglasses pouch built in near the handle, a compartment for hydration equipment with pre cut holes to run the tube out and over onto the shoulder where it has little loops to secure it. Cant wait to take it out

MilanWG January 2nd, 2011 10:54


This is where I originally bought my H.A.W.G. in 2003.

FOX_111 January 2nd, 2011 11:01

My TAD gear pack. (replica)

I love it. I took it out for a few games and a couples hikes and it survived. Nothing busted on it. My only gripe is the 1000D cordura used. It's rough and sand paper like.

Frozen Tex January 2nd, 2011 12:31

A no-name, knock-off of I-don't-know-what in CB/Tan from eHobbyasia...
Carries all my necessaries during a game, if I don't want to go back to the car... Hasn't fallen apart yet!
My TADGear FASTPack.... 4 years old now... Some of the buckles have shattered, but I put that down to using it in -40'...

KNIVEZS January 2nd, 2011 17:03


• Quick Ditch Shoulder Straps
• Adjustable Sternum Strap and Low Profile Waist Belt
• Jump able - Airborne Operations Approved
• Integrated External Hydration Sleeve
• Can Be Used as a Comms Pack - Integrates with the SDS CINGARS Radio Pocket
• Exterior Cargo Pocket Accommodates Snap-in Integration with the SDS 6-Magazine Bandoleer
• MOLLE Webbing on the Sides of the Main Compartment for the Attachment of Mission Specific Pouches

Main Compartment 17"H x 14"W x 5.5"D - Approx. Capacity 1300cu inches
Outer Cargo Pocket 12"H x 11"W x 3.5"D - Approx. Capacity 460cu inches

MilanWG January 2nd, 2011 17:09

KNIVEZS, what kind of pack is that? Brand, etc.

When you post pics, I would appreciate a bit of info on the pack you guys post up, I always like to know what I'm looking at :)

Boyso January 2nd, 2011 22:42

Taliban : Was it a shop in Qc that had the BFM (in CB)?

If so, which one?

Or was it a warehouse?

MilanWG January 2nd, 2011 23:20

LastSpartan, In my previous post I stated where/how I got the Camelbak B.F.M. 500 in Coyote:

A Camelbak rep directed me to Mike Copman (, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Equipment Divisions @ R. Nicholls

Email Mike - I am sure he will be more than happy to help you locate the bag.

Yeoman January 6th, 2011 16:51

cadpat raid for the upcoming zombie apocalypse

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