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hollywood... October 12th, 2022 07:17

Bill C-21 and this.....

With Airsoft on the chopping block due to Bill C-21 - this is the last thing we need right now!

Datawraith October 12th, 2022 16:36

18 and 19 year olds; charge them as adults with full firearms offences and put them away for good.

Freaking idiots... should go after the parents too. How do you raise kids that think this is a good idea and that they should do it?

DAVESAGE October 13th, 2022 00:23

And of course it's near my house too

ripanu1 October 23rd, 2022 00:14

Bill C-21
Always seems to have perfect timing too I noticed for anything gun related. Seems when ever they start talking new laws , new events coincidentally seem to pop up.

Chubby November 6th, 2022 04:40

Holy moly, you mean there was a drive by shooting with guns that.... DON'T fire real bullets?

It's as if having _more_ non working guns that are _easy_ to buy that have the _scare_ factor of real guns, on the streets, take zero lives and by default save lives that could have been taken if criminals used _real_ guns.

Using an airsoft gun in a crime is basically as close as you can get to someone using a real gun but every time they pulled the trigger, it magically stopped working, or dispensed bubbles, or shot out a stick with a flag on it that said "Bang!" or... plastic BB's.

But hey, let's pass gun control laws that ban replicas (that don't fire any bullets) and airsoft guns (that don't fire any bullets) so that way criminals will have to work a little bit harder to buy illegal guns on the street that do fire bullets, or failing that: simply use bladed and bludgeoning weapons.

ripanu1 November 8th, 2022 21:24

I agree 100% with Datawraith.

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