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G_unit July 26th, 2005 01:11

Arab commando kit
Hi everyone, i've been thinking of doing an arab commando kit. So far I have a mini uzi as my main and a glock as a secondary for weapons, although I could use my M933 but that wouldn't work as well as an uzi or an AK. For gear I already have desert boots and a balaclava, eagle duty belt and holster I could use. This is what I've been thinking of doing for a complete kit.

-Body armour carrier
-Commando chest rig or submachine gun magazine pouch rig
-Desert tiger BDU's
-Mini uzi*already have
-Side arm*already have
-More mags for my mini uzi because it hogs gas like no other guns!
-Desert boots*already have

If anyone could leave suggestions or real pictures of commando's from the middle east, doesn't matter which country that would be greatly appreciated.



Yeoman July 26th, 2005 11:28 will have all your answers.
but if you want an actual countries commando look? it's basically the exact same thing as a yank set up (hmm..........I ponder who trained them).
I've never actaully seen a pic of an Arab commando with a shemag on.

Penguin July 27th, 2005 00:15

don't forget your handbook of anti american propoganda and explosives vest.

Mr Jon July 27th, 2005 00:19

I vote for Penguin

GMTII July 27th, 2005 00:29


Matt_P July 27th, 2005 00:41

Fist off, by "Arab Commando" what exactly do you mean ?

Lebanese commando force

GMTII July 27th, 2005 00:56

Since were on the topic of arab stuff. I'd like to inturupt and ask....Is it possible to wear a turban if your hair is really short? It's to be fitted on a manikin that has fake plastic hair. (The same kind a turban the sikh's wear) I, for some reason I happen to have a jacket that says on the back of it "National Sikh Society" so I'd like to get a turban to go along with it and hang it up in my room.


Matt_P July 27th, 2005 01:01

Turban's have nothing to do with Arabs.

GMTII July 27th, 2005 01:04


Matt_P July 27th, 2005 01:11

Actually Turban's aren't at all middle eastern. They're on the sub-continet (India/Pakistan[mostly India]).

Plant July 27th, 2005 01:11

I'm pretty sure you need hair down to your knee's in order to properly wear a turban...

Treadstone71 July 27th, 2005 08:01


Originally Posted by Erik_james
Yeah I know but, turbans go with middle eastern stuff, so i'm sure someone who has knolage with middle eastern stuff they would might know the answer to my question....I think

Turbans are seen in the middle east only because the Sikh religion has a very large population base there. It has nothing to do with culture, it's a religion.

First of all, a turban is like a very large bandana, and it's wrapped around your hair in order to keep it clean. Imagine having your hair long, like down to your knees, and then wrapping a linen cloth around the length of it, then wrapping that cloth up around your head into a bun. That's what a turban actually is, and that's why men wear bigger turbans as they get older (it's against the Sikh religion to cut your hair).

And please don't consider hanging the cloth and the jacket on the's like someone hanging a priest's robe and a rosary on their wall because they think Catholicism is an indicator of north american culture.

Education is a wonderful destroyer of ignorance, so please look up all the info I've given you if you really want to understand these people and their religion.


GiordanoWC July 27th, 2005 22:23


Originally Posted by Yuxi
Arab commandos? you know, Arabs are not just one big people, the different regions in the middle east have different standards and equipment for their elite forces, from Omans Cobras to the elite guards in Saudi Arabia and unconventional forces in Lebanon, saying you want a 'Arab command kit' is like saying you want a 'western commando kit'. Theres too many nations and too much variation in between.

Iunno, Yuxi... my country's Folgore parachute division uses nearly the same basic set-up at the american 101st rangers... the biggest difference is that we use the Beretta AR70/90 instead of the M4A1.

btw, dude, do you know anyone who's got Italian-manufactured tactical vests? because i can't find any...

nechcs June 23rd, 2006 01:29

Erik if your still wondering yes you can still tie a turban with out long hair (my uncle is in the Indian air force and he has to be clean cut but he is Sikh so when he comes home he wears a turban) I can show u how to tie a Sikh turban but its doesn’t look like the ones insurgents in Iraq wear. They wear a rounder less tidy turban kind of like the third pic down on this link

JattSoorma August 28th, 2009 11:02

Sikh turbans are the best but please dont try to tie one and call it a Sikh turban. Dont be rascist. Also, it doesnt matter how long your hair is. You can be bald and tie a turban.

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