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foxtrot-one7 June 5th, 2018 13:16

Bill C-71
With regards to this new attempt by the Liberals to destroy our sport.

CBC New Article: Ottawa looks at regulating imitation guns after police shootings

I encourage everyone to take action and write your local MP. For your convenience here is a letter template. Feel free to make improvements as you see fit. Lets pull together on this one.


Dear (Member of Parliament’s name),
The purpose of this letter is to highlight to yourself, and your respective Political Party of a topic of
interested to be considered in the upcoming Canadian Federal Election on 21 October 2019.

Respectfully my request is that you support the Rights, Liberties and Freedoms of Canadian Airsoft gun
owners by expressing your intention to lobby against any further unwarranted restriction to be imposed
in a country that already has some of the tightest controls on private firearms ownership and use
anywhere in the world.

Airsoft guns (other than replicas) with a maximum muzzle velocity of 152.4 m/s (500 ft/s) or a maximum
muzzle energy of 5.7 joules (4.2 foot‐pounds) are exempt from licensing, registration, and other
requirements; and from penalties for possessing an arm without a valid license or registration certificate
but are considered a firearm under the Criminal Code if used to commit a crime. Airsoft guns that
exceed both the maximum velocity and maximum muzzle energy are subject to the same license,
registration, and safe handling requirements that apply to conventional firearm. Airsoft (bb) gun may be
imported if it meets the required markings. An airsoft gun that is obviously a child's toy (e.g. made out of
clear plastic), that only fires a very light pellet (less than 2g) no faster than 152.4 m/s (500 ft/s) would
not be classified as a firearm under the Canadian Fire Arms Act.

In Canada, we boast over 136,600 players from coast to coast, with over fifty Airsoft retail locations that
have an average of five full time employees. Generating over $25 million nationwide and over $500K at
the local level. This is not to mention the local indoor and outdoor airsoft fields, which even law
enforcement agencies will utilize for specific training. These statistics demonstrate the positive nature of
our sport on the economy.

As a Member of Parliament representing my interests through the democratic process, I personally feel
that any elected member of Parliament who feels unable to support the Canadian Airsoft player in its
entirety and unable to resist any further legislation that limits rights, liberties and freedoms will no
longer be in receipt of my voting right as a Canadian voter, which will be exercised at the voting booth.

Please join with me to promote the safe, responsible ownership and use of airsoft guns with the
minimum of restriction and let us together continue to contribute to the wealth and prosperity of the
Canadian Airsoft community.

I thank you and await your response.
(Your name)

Dannythemachinest April 24th, 2021 18:28

To those that have used this template or something like it.
Have you got a responce ? If so was it good news ? I have not heard from my MP yet but I would like to know what others have said

ripanu1 April 24th, 2021 19:57

Nothing on My end Yet , Our Conservative member is Chris.dEntremont.

Walms April 29th, 2021 09:41

I sent to the 6 NDP PM's in Ontario, cuz the Tory's & Block will need there support to stop the LibTwats... I got the following reply from Lindsay Mathyssen, of London-Fanshawe

""Dear Jeff,

Thank you for sharing your concerns with me on this issue.

New Democrats support the goal of removing military-style assault weapons from the streets as one of a number of measures that are needed to reduce gun-related violence in Canada, including allowing municipalities to ban handguns within their jurisdictions.

However, New Democrats are concerned that Bill C-21 will prohibit the use of film props and airsoft guns. There are legitimate uses for realistic-looking guns in the film and sporting industries and it is unclear how banning airsoft and replica firearms would make Canadians safer.

The government should be focused on reducing gun smuggling from the United States and devoting further resources to law enforcement agencies such as Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the RCMP. New Democrats believe that investing more resources at the border would go a long way to addressing the introduction of illegally smuggled arms from the United States – arms that later circulate in Canadian communities. Regrettably, successive Conservative and Liberal governments have consistently cut funding and CBSA positions.

In the past, we have seen the Liberals put forward symbolic measures and play politics on a safety issue, instead of introducing measures that would really make a difference.

When C-21 reaches the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security, New Democrats will work to ensure that this bill does what it is intended to do – to make Canadians safer, while ensuring appropriate accommodations are made for the film and sporting industries for the responsible use of airsoft and replica weapons.


Lindsay Mathyssen, MP

Drake May 2nd, 2021 17:38

With the NDP propping up the Liberals' every bad idea every chance they get, i'm skeptical

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