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jsae February 21st, 2015 02:11

LMAG online too, now
Lower Mainland Airsoft Group has activated their shortcut domain name this year.

Now you can reach out to us at both of the links listed below
Maple Ridge Paintball has turned over its field to a new company, so we are currently participating in the new game hosting framework at Panther field.

Anyone that posts a scenario on a clearinghouse group in fb (GVAC) assumes responsibility for providing the game. But Panther enforces the safety rules, which are a slightly modified version of LMAG's rules.

The main rule differences are in engagement distances and gun energy levels. You only need to know two distances and two energy levels:
  • 400 fps (0.20g)
  • 500 fps (0.20g)
  • 30 ft
  • 100 ft

That is, snipers are limited to 500, all other guns are 400. Sniper rifles can only shoot you past 100 ft and you only get to shoot semi auto closer than 30 ft. Add semi-auto only when shooting around and in structures.

Other rules are as before.

Anyway, may we see you soon on the field. And remember, you can reach us at now.

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