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Izzy February 6th, 2015 23:55

Siege Airsoft Indoor Field
So I had the privilege to walk through the field of Siege Airsoft. If you guys don't know already Siege Airsoft is an indoor field opening up in Scarborough Ontario, which is said to be launched for opening by spring. My first impression was the size of the field. A massive and stunning 30 000 sqf! My biggest problem with present fields are the lack of attention they put in the loading area. Most places I've been to are too crowded but this place is different and nicely setup. There are many big rooms for teams to load/ unload their gears and the overall setup is VERY roomy. The loading area are filled with benches that open up to put your stuff in (can easily fit my condor dufflebag and guns), which is a nice touch.

While totally stunned, I ventured out into the actually field and finally realized how big the place was. The field is not only big but dynamically designed and definitely scenario-friendly. There are big buildings with 2nd floors that are interconnected, room clearing for intense CQB fights and vantage points that look over the entire field. I am truly impressed of what I've seen so far!! I cant wait for this field to be 100% finished an open.

You guys can check out their FB page for further updates on the field. The pictures posted so far does not do the field any justice. I'm so excited to play here when it opens!

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