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endability March 13th, 2014 22:04

Need help buying first airsoft gun!
So, ive been searching the internet for quite some time now about the canadian airsoft importation laws and alot of people are saying if i order a black airsoft gun under 366 fps it will be destroyed at customs and i will get fined.. I found a cheap mp5 a5 ($25) with 220 fps on and i was about to order it until i stumbled upon a forum where some guy was saying you cant import guns under 366 fps into canada or it will be seized by the faggots at customs. If this is true whoever made this law must have been high on heroin. So your telling me i cant buy a airsoft gun because it isn't powerful enough therefore its illegal? pfft... Im on a really tight budget ($70) and i just want a decent entry level aeg that i can ship to my house in canada. if anyone knows any good websites where i can buy a decent aeg (preferably black) for under $80 that i can ship to my house in canada it would be much appreciated. I see tons of good deals but there all us only shipping. Any advice would be nice i just need some clarification this has gotten me quite frustrated.

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