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Barf December 23rd, 2012 09:15

MAGPUL PTS PDR - More wallet rape

MAGPUL PTS PDR Airsoft Rifle SHOT Show Photos

AATV @ Shot Show 2012: Magpul PDR AEG - YouTube

Magpul PTS (airsoft) PDR at Show Show 2012 by Airsoft Medicine - YouTube

The Magpul PTS PDR has been one of the most anticipated airsoft projects since it was revealed in early development at the 2011 SHOT Show. At that time, it was only a shell with a magazine, but people were captivated by the design and the idea of a compact PDW type rifle that could take STANAG magazines. This year, at SHOT Show 2012, we got to check out the completed AEG. Read on to see why the PDR may be one of the best designs we’ve seen for a bullpup or PDW weapon.

Next to the Magpul USA booth on the SHOT Show floor, there was a small nondescript booth fully enclosed by wood panel walls. No markings advertised which company might be inside, but we caught a glimpse of Gregor from AATV with an AEG we didn’t expect to see. It was the Magpul PDR airsoft rifle, and we got a chance to talk with Sam and Alex from Magpul PTS about the prototype.

The PDR was originally developed by Magpul to address the need for a personal defense weapon that provides more power than a pistol but is much more compact than a rifle or carbine. Since the Magpul PDR was designed to accept standard M4 magazines and fired the 5.56 round, it was more powerful than weapons like the MP5-K. It was also easier to deploy than weapons like the FN P90 or HK MP7 due to their use of exotic ammo and proprietary magazines. While that project is currently on the shelf somewhere outside of Boulder, CO, Magpul PTS was given the green light to proceed on an airsoft replica of the PDR.

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